I'm a Research Fellow at Open Lab, Newcastle University. I primarily work in the area of Human-Computer Interaction and dementia.

On holiday in Venice.

On holiday in Venice.


A little more detail

My research interests lie mainly in the field of Human-Computer Interaction with an emphasis on digital social care and digital health. My PhD research, completed in 2016 and supervised by Professor John McCarthy at University College Cork (along with co-supervisors Dr Nadia Pantidi and Dr Mike Murphy), was an ethnographic exploration of designing for and with people with dementia living in care settings. I am interested in participatory approaches to research through design with people facing significant challenges, and the potential for digital design to enrich the lives of older populations, particularly those living with, or working with, dementia.


In my current job, I work on a variety of projects which centre on the complexities of participation in design for challenging social and economic circumstances.


I've been awarded several scholarships and research prizes during my academic career. My PhD was funded by the Irish Research Council, which funds pioneering research in Ireland.

I am also a member of the fempower.techHCI research group in Open Lab, which aims to recognise and promote the role of women within the discipline of Computer Science.

You can find out more about my current publications and projects on this site, as well as checking out my blog and Twitter account, below.